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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Mini Character CD

A Slice of Life, Comedy Anime If you've been following anime this season no doubt you've come across Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. If you're a fan of Kyoto Animation I definitely recommend giving this a watch. KyoAni once again delivers high quality in this cute,...

Yuri on Ice Perfumes… Now you can SMELL Yuri On Ice!

Yuri!! on Ice perfumes was released back in December to celebrate the beautiful and charming Russian figure skater, Viktor Nikiforov’s birthday. Perfumes inspired by the popular sports animation are made-to-order and exclusively sold by Movic. Aside from the perfumes,...

Magical Girls 101? Yes, it’s a real University English course at USC

Although not quite the USC you know in California (it’s actually the University of South Carolina), a new English class is offering, “Reading and Writing about Magical Girls.” or a university level Magical Girls class. Rejoice as anime has finally infiltrated the upper echelons of our educational system!

Nekopara OVA Kickstarter Launches, Meets $100,000 Goal in 1 Hour

Every US$100,000 extends OVA length by 10 minutes Video game and manga publisher Sekai Project’s Kickstarter campaign met its initial goal of US$100,000 to create an anime OVA adaptation of Sayori and NEKO WORKs’ NEKOPARA adult visual novel on Thursday, within one hour of the Kickstarter’s launch. The initial goal of US$100,000 will go towards […]