Have you watched the first anime adaptations of Intreviews with Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)? The manga is set to release this summer, an adaptation is available now (more on that later).

Back to the figurine

Hikari Tankanashi figurines will hit the store shelves in a few weeks as several retailers have ordered the hazel eyed heroine. As the cute main character from Interviews with Monster Girls, Hikari Takanashi along with Kotobukiya’s quality craftsmanship will justify the 9,720 Yen or $85.00 USD anticipated price tag.

She stands at a cute 200mm or 7.87 inches and is a 1/7 sized figurine.

Watch the TV Anime

A few of you might have seen the broadcast anime version that premiered in Japan just a few days ago, and U.S. viewers are able to see it right on Crunchyroll.

What is this anime about…

What if I told you it’s full of succubi, snow women, “dullahans”, crazy cat girls, vampires and more? Apparently a fewΒ demi-human (sort of human, roughly translated) students attend a school along with a biology teacher named Testsuo Takahasi that has a lot of “scientific” interest in these dangerous yet adorable monster girls. Yeah, weird, but if you’re into monster girls, then you’re in the right place.

The Hikari Takanashi figurine is a 1/7 scaled model.

Manga tankobon 1st volume cover/Hikari Takanashi anime visual

Don’t get caught staring…

Along with the cute decora on her bag, the bag itself is also detachable.

Source: Kotobukiya




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