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If you’ve been following anime this season no doubt you’ve come across Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. If you’re a fan of Kyoto Animation I definitely recommend giving this a watch. KyoAni once again delivers high quality in this cute, slice of life, comedy anime. With the eighth episode airing just today it’s in a prime position to binge this weekend. You can watch Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid via Crunchyroll on their simulcast here: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
For those looking for that little extra, on March 16, Lantis will be releasing a character song mini-album featuring six tracks staring Yuki Kuwahara as Tohru, Maria Naganawa as Kanna, Yuki Takada as Elma, and Minami Takahashi as Lucoa (including Tohru x Kanna and Tohru x Elma duets) The disk will retail for around $35 USD.

To round up some of the interesting tidbits from around the web and Japanese Twitter read on to be served.

A bonus sneak peak at the VAs dancing to the opening theme Aozora no Rhapsody by fhána.


You can find the full MV on Lantis’ YouTube Here: Aozora no Rhapsody

fhána / 青空のラプソディを踊る声優陣とMVの比較
ちょっとずれてるけどゆうゆうの凄さがわかるなw#maidragon pic.twitter.com/SwUAwqAuX5

— wama (@wama_WOL) February 16, 2017

ふぁなのライブで早くこれやりたい pic.twitter.com/tZ7Y0QKEXU

— みこっち (@nbspd) February 15, 2017

石原さんお大事にして、体調が戻られたら是非ニコ生にも出演して下さい!この後24時~TOKYO MXにて第6話「お宅訪問!(してないお宅もあります)」オンエアです!宜しくお願いします! #maidragon pic.twitter.com/BC77FERi8W

— TVアニメ小林さんちのメイドラゴン公式 (@maidragon_anime) February 15, 2017
In other news the first Blu-ray cover art has been released recently. What do you think? Tohru is so adorable…

3月15日発売Blu-ray & DVD Vol.1の音声特典のオーディオコメンタリーの出演者はちょろゴンずの4人!そしてスタッフからは武本康弘(監督)、門脇未来(キャラクターデザイン)、丸木宣明(総作画監督)の3人に決定!https://t.co/XQxalqPQfQ pic.twitter.com/V4VrlpOCT1

— TVアニメ小林さんちのメイドラゴン公式 (@maidragon_anime) February 24, 2017

Double sided character posters included with the BD/DVD.

「小林さんちのメイドラゴン」BD/DVDシリーズ、きゃにめでの全巻購入特典・発売告知ポスター2枚セット(両面)の絵柄が解禁です! #maidragonhttps://t.co/FMuGKx7pBb pic.twitter.com/BeBg7ohy28

— きゃにめ(ポニーキャニオン) (@canimejp) February 28, 2017

Manga poster with the April issue of home magazine Monthly Action

【明後日25日(土)発売!!】月刊アクション4月号の見本誌が出来ました~。付録の温泉湯けむり☆特大ポスターが本当に特大で改めてびっくり! ちょろゴンず勢揃いカラーは初では?表紙も「メイドラゴン」で本編も2本立てとメイドラ成分400%増しくらいになってます! #maidragon pic.twitter.com/XsTgtOZ9Nn

— 『小林さんちのメイドラゴン』公式 (@maidragon_comic) February 23, 2017

As per usual Megami and Dengeki G have also included magazine spreads in their respective monthly publications. Check them out below.

Dengeki G



Who’s your favorite dragon to come out of this new comedy series? I feel I can relate with the main character Kobayashi. I have a strong appreciation for classic maids and everything that comes along with them. Share your thoughts about the series with us in the comments.

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