While people have been busy spending countless hours playing Final Fantasy XV…

Play Arts Kai have been working on creating three beautifully crated figurines just in time for the new year! A total of three Final Fantasy figurines come from the remake of Final Fantasy VII and include our beloved heroes Cloud, Barret, and Nyx.

NyxUlric is actually from Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive (it’s a movie, not a video game). The Doki Press team had the opportunity to view it at AkibaFest 2016 at the Aratani theather in Downtown Los Angeles, and we were blown away at the quality of the CGI and story. A small snippet can be viewed on our promotional video: Aniplex of America’s AkibaFest

We’re sure after you watch the movie and getting inspired, you will be more inclined to checking out the story and probably picking up a figurine lol! Don’t forget that these also make outstanding gifts for anyone who is a Final Fantasy fanatic.

Backstory told for Nyx Ulric?

The figurine also apparently features a story that preludes the events that happen at Final Fantasy XV. We’re unsure of the exact details, you can expect to get these high quality crafts from Play Arts Kai on around May to April 2017. You will wait an extra few months for Nyx Ulrics as his figurine will come out in July of 2017 (just in time for Anime Expo!). There are also a variety of Final Fantasy XV figurines, most notibly Noctis that is going for a steep $129.99 and found at Square Enix’s web store.

Check out the quality!

Final Fantasy Barret Figurine

Note the subtle articulating arm hinges on Barret.

Final Fantasy Figurine

The quality of the figurines posted are some of the best we’ve ever seen. Check the detailing of the armor!

You can pre-order and check out more figurines from Play Arts by visiting their webstore: https://store.na.square-enix.com/action-figure

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