Exciting news for Fire Emblem fans!

Last January 18 Nintendo Direct stream, Nintendo announced a new addition to the Fire Emblem series. Compared to past Fire Emblem games, which were only available on Nintendo consoles such as GBA and the DS, Fire Emblem: Heroes will be available for download on mobile devices and it will be available for Android users and iOS users starting February 2nd. Really exciting to have it on the go and not carry your 3DS everywhere. But those street passes tho. Lol. Oh well…

Open gateways between worlds, Heroes at your side…

So what’s the story about? In the world of Fire Emblem: Heroes, two opposing kingdoms: the Emblian Empire and the Askran Kingdom battle each other and you join the Order of Heroes and play the role off a summoner with a special ability to call forth legendary heroes from previous Fire Emblem games to save the Kingdom of Askr from the Emblian Empire’s rule.

Progress through the story and save the Kingdom of Askr from destruction with the same turn based gameplay that incorporates strategical and tactical components and it increases in difficulty as you progress through the story. The setting is more casual, because you don’t lose characters when they die in game and come back after every battle. Thank god I don’t have to save my game every time I make a move.

Summon new and past Heroes…

Returning players may recognize characters from previous Fire Emblems, but with a new story means a new hero. Here are some heroes featured in game…

Alphonse and Sharena:

Marth and Tiki:

Lucina and Robin:

More characters will be available as you progress through the game. The chibi versions in game are adorably cute. I can’t wait to see which characters are able to be summoned.

Choose Your Legends Special Event!

In celebration for the first mobile Fire Emblem game, Nintendo is holding a promotional event in which you can vote for your favorite heroes from past Fire Emblem games. First place heroes will make special appearances and versions in game and will be available to be summoned using earned or purchased Orbs throughout the game. Also, a special monthly calendar will be released based on the results of the “Choose your Legend” event.

Don’t forget to link your Nintendo account when you vote…

If you link a Nintendo account, you receive 200 Platinum Points for My Nintendo when you submit your vote for your first Hero choice. So, take advantage of that. 😉

I’m pretty excited for Fire Emblem: Heroes! Here’s the trailer, see what it’s all about and let us know in the comments if you plan on getting the game. Don’t forget to give us the dokis. <3


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