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Why the Swankiss Fukubukuro Lucky Bag is a 10/10 and worth $230

It’s that exciting time of the year when our favorite shops release Fukubukuro lucky bags to start off the the New Year for J-fashion enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. Luckily for me, today was the Swankiss Fukukuburo bag! I don’t know what a Fukukuburo is? Lol. It is a mouthful, but it’s not fuku-ku-buro, it’s fuku-buku-ro or you can also call it lucky bags. For our friends that are curious, Fukubukuro or lucky bags are themed bags or special sets released by shops on New Year’s Day and it’s filled with all sorts of random and different items from...

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Yuri on Ice Perfumes… Now you can SMELL Yuri On Ice!

Yuri!! on Ice perfumes was released back in December to celebrate the beautiful and charming Russian figure skater, Viktor Nikiforov’s birthday. Perfumes inspired by the popular sports animation are made-to-order and exclusively sold by Movic. Aside from the perfumes, you can also buy an exclusive music box that express the love between Yuri and Viktor. Kyaaaaaaah~ When skating elegantly isn’t enough… And you just have to get senpai to notice you, you may consider getting these new perfume offerings from Movic featuring Yuri Katsuki, Victor Nikiforov, and Yuri Plisetsky! Each one has it’s own unique scent that might as...

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Super Cute Makeup Packaging from Little Tokyo Villages’ Newest Beauty Store Tony Moly

Walking down Little Tokyo Village Plaza is a pretty unique experience You really do get a taste of Japan with the wooden walls, red brick tiles, festive hanging lanterns, and authentic stores such as Nijiya Market / ニジヤ マーケット market, and a new cosmetics store called Tony Moly. If you overlook the tourists and occasional troublemakers and go there when it’s not busy, Little Tokyo Village Plaza is actually very nice and peaceful. Did I mention also a cool place for J-fashion and Cosplay photo shoots? Lol… One store in the fashion world caught our eye… Tony Moly! It’s...

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A “Totes” Adorable Cat-eared Travel Suitcase on Kickstarter coming to Anime Expo!?

Travel fashion is so hot right now. Ironically because… well travelling can suck… It’s mainly due to the long hours, delays, and times sitting down doing nothing. If you’ve ever flown to Japan during peak season, there’s virtually no one with a smile walking around. So what’s with this new suitcase trend that we’ve been hearing as of late? We stumbled onto this Kickstarter where Fravel is developing a strange cat-eared contraption that fills in that lonely void in your life when you’re sitting in Section 3 at the LAX airport. But we also think this can be a...

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