Author: David Chang

Idol Mayu Tomita in critical condition after being stabbed over 20 times by stalker

Idol Mayu Tomita (not to be confused with the former AKB48 research student of the same name) is in critical condition currently after being repeatedly stabbed by an apparent fan, according to police. Tomita received nearly two dozen stab wounds to her neck and chest at an event at 5pm in Koganei, Tokyo. Police have arrested 27 year old Tomohiro Iwazaki, who was seen attacking Tomita with a folding knife. When police arrived at the scene, Iwazaki and the knife he used were found nearby. Iwazaki admitted to using the knife to stab Tomita. Apparently Tomita had informed Tokyo...

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These remote-controlled robot arms can’t possibly make my skirt any cuter!

Kiyouki Amano impressed us last year with his Hikaru Skirt, which used LEDs to light up the wearer’s zettai ryoiki (absolute territory), which refers to the amount of skin visible between the bottom of a skirt and the top of a thigh-high sock. This time he’s back with a new project called Arm Skirt! Arm Skirt features robotic arms that can be remote-controlled to handle simple tasks such as holding your cellphone or a water bottle. Unfortunately, the movements are preprogrammed and there are currently no plans to mass produce the Arm Skirt. However, it looks like a hilarious...

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AKB48 to appear at New York City’s 9th annual Japan Day @ Central Park Save the date! On Sunday, May 10th, 2015, AKB48 joins multiple cultural acts in New York City for Japan Day @ Central Park. In a somewhat last minute announcement reminiscent of AKB48 coming to Washington D.C., Japan Day posted the above video on their Facebook page as well as updated their website. The attending members will be: Iwatate Saho, Oshima Ryoka, Muto Tomu, Kojima Haruna, Hirata Rina, and Nozawa Rena. They are slotted for 3:30pm for a 20 minute dance & vocal performance. Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments! Japan Day @ Central Park...

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SCANDAL announces 2015 “HELLO WORLD” world tour

Podcast listeners will remember that back in 2010 we covered SCANDAL at AM2 in Anaheim, CA. SCANDAL will be returning to Socal and other destinations around the world with their “HELLO WORLD”Β tour. Some will also remember that lead guitarist Mami is a big fan of former Morning Musume member, Michishige Sayumi. I have been quite excited for this news and have expressed on the podcast that I plan to attend their show(s) in California later this year. Check out the press release below for more information about SCANDAL and their North American tour dates. Los Angeles, CA, and Tokyo,...

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Dave unboxes Kojima Haruna photo book “Dou Suru?”

Kojima Haruna, model extraordinaire of AKB48, has released a new photo book called “Dou Suru?” It contains photographs taken in Tokyo and Los Angeles. This photo book graciously celebrates Kojima’s beauty with many shots of her in outfits that compliment her body shape. There are also plenty of shots of her rear-end. “Dou Suru?” means “what should I do?” A very appropriate phrase for the ever so my-pace (air-headed) Kojima Haruna. The book was released on March 24th, 2015 and retails for 1480 yen + tax. The book is marked as a #1 best seller on and is...

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