The Nintendo Switch Leak:
A UK vendor accidentally released the MSRP for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld gaming platform. Both the product price and the release date was accidentally leaked through an advertisement list. We were expecting the game platform to be bundled for about $300-$320, but this leak shows a number lower than that (Yessss!).

The Release Date

The UK Vendor, GameSeek revealed the release date to be on Friday, March 17th. The leak date will probably apply for both United Kingdom and United States retail customers. Nintendo has already announced the release month, but not a specific date.

Gameseek leak webpage

GameSeek screenshot of the leaked price.

The Release Price

The price release is probably more accurate, and was listed at £198.50 which is approximately $250.00 dollars per unit (Not sure if this is a bundled price). There is an upcoming event when the Nintendo Switch is going to be officially announcing this information. The virtual event is scheduled on Thursday, January 12th at Midnight via livestream. So far, the company has said nothing about the Nintendo Switch leak.

President of Nintendo

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Nintendo Co’s President Tatsumi Kimishima announced the livestream and said it was, “…aimed for trading partners, financial analysts, and the media”. Viewers on the livestream hope to find details such as “Play events” to get some hands-on feedback. Enthusiasts who can’t view the livestream and want to find more can do so at Nintendo’s event schedule.

Nintendo Switch PriceWhat is the Nintendo Switch?

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s innovative hybrid video game console that mark’s company’s seventh console system. The Nintendo Switch utilizes a docking station which can be used similarly to a Gameboy, but once connected to the main unit, can be used like a controller. If you’re thinking about buying the Nintendo Switch, you can find more information on the Nintendo Switch Wikipedia.

If you want to see more Nintendo Switch action, follow us because we will be reviewing one when it’s released!



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