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Pro Soccer Player Yūto Nagatomo Goes Super Saiyan to Support Team

Soccer player Yūto Nagatomo, a member of Japan's national team, is gearing up for the World Cup, which will kick off on Thursday. To lighten the mood, Nagatomo decided to become a Dragon Ball Super Saiyan. スーパーサイヤ人になってチーム救いたい。。髪だけは明るく。。みんな笑ってくれよ。笑どんな時も前を向いて進む。super...

Voice Actress Ayuru Ōhashi Marries, Gives Birth

Voice actress Ayuru Ōhashi's official website announced on Sunday that Ōhashi has married and given birth to a child. She will continue her work as a voice actor and musical performer, and her staff asked for fans' continued support. Ōhashi also provided a handwritten...

Average Age of Hikikomori on the Rise in Japan

Anime paints a particular picture Japan's hikikomori population. They're often the stars of isekai series, leaving behind a solitary life of junk food consumption and video games to go on a grand adventure. Alternatively, sometimes they're featured in rom-coms like...