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The newest Attack on Titan Flip Calendar from Tokyo Otaku Mode and official Attack on Titan fansite Mingeki’s “Attack on Your Wallet Corps” project features famous quotes from Commander Erwin Smith. Fans will be able to flip through the calendar’s pages to get some extra wisdom every day.

The calendar, titled “A Proposal to Humanity from the 13th Survey Corps Commander,” features 31 pages with Erwin scenes and quotes from the manga. The calendar is not specific to any month, so fans can continue to use it all year long.

The calendar is available for pre-order now, and people who order through TOM Projects will receive a “munzu” (Japanese onomatopeia for grabbing or groping) sticker. Orders are slated to ship in April.

The calendar also makes the perfect companion to the first two installments in the calendar series that featured the entire Survey Corps and Captain Levi. The Levi calendar debuted in November.

Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode