Have you heard of LVL UP EXPO?

It’s a 5-year convention going strong in Las Vegas, Nevada that is built from the ground up by gaming enthusiasts just like you and me. The event definitely shows that as it has a very down-to-earth feel, with the fans really running the show.

This year, LVL UP EXPO took place at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, where we were greeted at the door by staff, and given our badges into the event. The event itself seem to have about 200 or so vendors, three main stages, a car/bike show, and plenty of gaming stations.

At the corner of the convention hall, there was a free boxing/wrestling show that took place, and even allowed our corespondent Beari to jump on and give a quick cheer. We caught up with our friends at Trinketslot.com and also met a lot of new faces along the way. The energy was good and the vibes were very positive at this event, making it possibly the best Las Vegas has to offer for a community run gaming convention.