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The gym RIZAP is teaming up with the Fist of the North Star franchise to inspire men to get in shape. The original manga’s artist Tetsuo Hara provided an image of the character Heart with an “ideal body” for the collaboration.

The promotional page on RIZAP’s official website features a special manga with Heart on a quest to transform his body. In the manga’s story, Heart is frustrated at his inability to impress women at a mixer party. He wants to become popular, and legendary “RIZAP God Fist” technique practitioner Kenshirō appears to help him. Kenshirō takes him to the RIZAP North Star God location, and they meet Raoh and Toki. Heart learns about RIZAP’s fully tailored exercise and nutrition system that ensures success when people “commit to the result.” Kenshirō tells Heart, “You are already committed,” a variation on his trademark “You are already dead” phrase from the original manga and anime. After some time passes, Heart reappears with a completely transformed body after successfully using RIZAP’s methods.

RIZAP is running a contest as part of the campaign that is offering a chance to earn monetary rewards and an illustrated paper board of Kenshirō signed by Hara. The first 350 people to sign up for counseling by May 31 will have a chance to receive 30,000 yen (about US$270), with an additional opportunity to receive part of a total of 500,000 yen (about US$4,600) in prize money.

In addition, promotional posters are advertising the collaboration inside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo from May 14-30. The display includes posters on 30 pillars, as well as an 80-meter (about 260-foot) wall poster.

RIZAP collaborated with Galaxy Express 999 last summer in a campaign that gave away Maetel figures.

Source: Comic Natalie