Gravure idol Airi Arimura, older sister of actress Kasumi Arimura (live-action Boku dake ga Inai Machi‘s Airi Katagiri, When Marnie Was There‘s Marnie), appeared on NTV‘s Nakai no Mado television program on Wednesday. Arimura appeared for the “Watashi-tachi Sonna ni Busu Desu ka SP” (Are We That Ugly?) special to discuss receiving insults about her appearance and the medical procedures she decided to have as a result.

Arimura discussed living in her younger sister’s shadow. She said that facing constant comparison to her sister “can’t be helped,” but the comparisons often lead to insults about her appearance. For example, she said her appearance has been compared to the cockroach creatures from Terra Formars and the Titan who eats Eren’s mother in Attack on Titan.

Because of the defamatory remarks related to her appearance, Arimura underwent dental corrective surgery at the beginning of this year. She said she previously had a corrective procedure related to the removal of six teeth, but her teeth and gums still needed further surgery. Arimura explained that the new procedure removed part of her gums, corrected the shape, and added ceramics. Arimura added that the procedure took three months and cost 1 million yen (about US$9,000) in medical bills. She also said, “Even if it’s a little, I want to become cute and pretty.”

When the program’s host Masahiro Nakai asked Arimura if her procedure was a kind of plastic surgery, she said the label was inaccurate. She said, “Teeth are not plastic surgery. I think it’s a correction.”

Source: Sponichi Annex