Have you heard of the Otamatone? It’s this neat musical gadget shaped like a eighth note that, when squeezed, opens its mouth to play a note. The electric synthesizer was dreamed up by Maywa Denki, the same mind behind the Frois robot. The instrument was first introduced in 1998 and has reinvented popular songs ever since.

The Otamatone comes in a variety of colors but this May will be the first time an official Kirby variant will be sold in Japan. The pink Otamatone will have Kirby’s eye shape and rosy cheeks.

Otamatone musical artist mklachu covered the Kirby’s Adventure theme song “Ice Cream Island” using three Otamatone instruments. The video doesn’t feature the official Kirby Otamatone but Maywa Denki shared the video as a fitting companion to the announcement.

[Via Nintendo Wire (Tom Brown)<]