Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that 1 million PlayStation VR units have sold throughout the world today.

As of February 27, Sony had sold 915,000 PlayStation VR units, and the system was available in 64 countries and regions.

The 1 Million sales mark comes after Sony had sold over 900,000 VR units since mid February. The VR units have been selling in over 60 countries and other regions throughout the world.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida revealed the conceptional design at the Gamers Developers Conference in 2014, with the production unit shipping late last year. The new headset model was unveiled again at GDC in March of 2015.

In another turn of events, nearly 60 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold since it’s reveiling several years ago- with a projected 60 million sales mark to hit in April of this year.

As the trend continues, it seemingly looks like mobile games have been declining while console games are coming back.