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For the last four weeks, each episode of Fate/Extra Last Encore has included a television commercial for a new Fate/Grand Order servant. Each commercial is only about 15 seconds, but get your guesses in for this latest batch’s real identities. The new characters are debuting in the game’s “Part Two,” dubbed Cosmos in the Lostbelt slated to debut in April.

Saber, designed by hou and voiced by Nanako Mori.

Rider, designed by Ginka and voiced by Toshiki Masuda

Lancer, designed by Azusa and voiced by Mikako Komatsu

Alter Ego, designed by Shōichi Furumi and voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa

Four more servants will be introduced in the coming weeks with two scheduled to make their appearance on Saturday. Any guesses on the character’s identities? I’m getting some definite Zorro vibes from the new Saber.

[Via Nijimen]