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LIFE-SIZE Re:Zero Rem statue from FIGUREX, can you guess the price?

Holy moly, if you’re the realist Re:Zero Rem fan, FIGUREX has created this one off life-sized bishoujo figure of Rem, complete with her cute maid outfit and blue hair. She stands at an impressive 149.0 cm or 58 inches for you imperial folk. She even comes with, what looks to be, her signature flail. Those brave enough to reach the final form of otaku can grab one of these figurines statues from December 24th to February 2nd from (link at the bottom). お待たせしました!!「Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活」より 等身大フィギュア「レム」の続報をお届けします! 詳しくはこちらからどうぞ!予約開始日の決定です! ↓ ↑#FIGUREX #リゼロ #レム #rezero — FIGUREX (@figurexjp) December 22, 2016 And if you’re wondering...

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Top 10 Must Follow Japanese Fashion Instagrammers

From kawaii accessories, lace and frills to edgy, colorful, and monochromatic street, Japanese fashion has always been ever evolving with a wide variety of genre and style. It also has been a big influence on the Los Angeles and Little Tokyo fashion scene. Social media platforms such as instagram has been an amazing way to gain inspiration from well known Japanese street fashion models. Here’s our top 10 totally doki fashionistas: Risa Nakamura Popular LARME Model known for her “Pheromone Fetish” style. Dark and doll-like look, yet mature, feminine, and elegant. View this post on Instagram 夏は赤が着たくなるね🍓 LINE BLOGにオフショットたくさん載せたよ♡ #ankrouge...

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