Author: Serrina Lam

Kospre Presents a Merikuri Holiday Party On Dec 3rd

Kospre announced their cosplay guests at their upcoming event, “Merikuri Holiday Party” on December 3rd! Check out their YouTube video where they share the guest names and also a few perks for going to the event, such as their Kospre 2017 Calendar. The event is in West Hollywood and is $7 for all ages! Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi @kawaiikakkoiisugoi will also be present for media coverage.

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Major debut! drop’s “Hoshi no Nai Yoru Dakara” MV releases

In addition to two new members added to the j-pop idol group drop, a major debut has been decided! The 5 members of drop will be releasing their major debut single “Hoshi no Nai Yoru Daraka/ Kaette Oide” on August 16. The music video of “Hoshi no Nai Yoru Dakara” has been released and showcases the members in simple, white dresses, something different from their usual colorful outfits. Also different from drop’s usual image is the slower tempo song. Usually, drop will be seen performing very flashy, colorful, energetic songs, but don’t let that make you think they cannot perform...

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WagakkiBand IS BACK! 1st US Tour with “DEEP IMPACT”!

If you saw WagakkiBand at Anime Expo in 2015 or just want to see WagakkiBand live, you’re in luck because WagakkiBand is coming back to the states for a US Tour! WagakkiBand are performing more shows in the United States after successful shows in New York City, SXSF in Austin, Texas, and in Japan! WagakkiBand are known to fuse rock with shingin (poetry recitation in traditional Japanese performing arts) and wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments). They’re best known for Senbonzakura, their 40 million view hit single and Hangeki no Yaiba, the theme song to the hit anime and drama series “Attack on Titan”. WagakkiBand...

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