Author: Serrina Lam

An interview with J-pop solo artist Osanai Eri at Japan Expo LA 2015

With an indie debut at the age of nineteen, Osanai Eri brings a pure, 80s influenced voice to an idol dominated list of guests at Japan Expo 2015. Accompanied by one of her song writers, Torii Shun, Osanai Eri was able to give fans an intimate experience as they got to converse with her about her music as well as take photos with her. Please introduce yourself. Osanai: (English) Hello, my name is Eri Osanai. Nice to meet you. What kind of music do you sing? Osanai: Japanese pop. J-pop. Happy music. Why did you want to become a...

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Sweet girls with no father, no mother? LINKSTAR’s in our Japan Expo LA 2015 interview!

After debuting with their first single in 2013, LINKSTAR’s has finally had their first U.S. performance at Japan Expo 2015 Los Angeles on October 16 to 18! A four member group that wants to dominate with their visuals and performances, LINKSTAR’s was definitely able to bring the energy all weekend long with their constant smiles and powerful dancing. From performances to handshakes and photo sessions, LINKSTAR’s provided U.S. attendees the idol wota experience without them needing to fly to Japan. Take a look at these cute, powerful idols showing their quirky side in our interview below. Please introduce yourselves. Otomo...

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Balancing life and idols

Hello readers. My name is Serrina and I am a content creator and correspondent at New School Kaidan. I am currently nineteen years old studying media and film at University of California, Riverside. Some of you may know me on Twitter or in real life as the nugget who is incredibly dorky. Some of you may not know me but may have seen me on The NSK podcast a few times. Some of you may not even know I existed. Well, I am here to introduce myself as well as talk about my current balance between real life and my...

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