The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) just announced the attendance and turnstile figures for this year’s Anime Expo.

Anime Expo 2017 marks the 26th event, since first event hosted at the Red Lion Hotel in San Jose, California in 1992.

This year marks several changes from last year, with Artist Alley being re-arranged to another section of Kentia Hall, an expanded Exhibitors floor layout (14% increase in floor plan space), and a reduced list of Guests. A “Pre-show” night was also added due to the date which July 4th lands, making the convention’s duration longer than ever: a total of 6 days including Day -2 for exhibitor setup. This year’s Day-0 Pre-show was on a Friday, which is traditionally Day 1 of Anime Expo.

Anime Expo continues to grow year after year. This year marks a 7% increase over last year.

Let’s see some metrics from this year-

  • 107,686 Unique Attendees
  • 115,726 Attendees including Pre-show events
  • 357,178 Turnstile Attendance
  • 450 Exhibitor Booths
  • 137,600 Square Feet of Exhibitor Space
  • 800 Hours of Programming (12% increase)
  • 1,700 Volunteers
  • 80,000 Collective Volunteer hours

Anime Expo 2016 saw a unique attendance number of 100,420- making this year’s Anime Expo an increase of 7% from last year.

Source: Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation

Despite the 4-6 hour wait of registration woes, Anime Expo did have highlights such as:

  • Anisong World Matusri Concert (Total of 10 events)
  • Neon District (EDM Concert) featuring:
    • ☆Taku Takahashi
    • R3LL
    • banvox
    • Ram Rider
    • TeddyLoid
    • Pa’s Lam System
    • Massive New Krew
    • YUC’e
    • Slushii
  • World Premiers of Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Prologue

Pre-show night returns again to Anime Expo 2018, with a new chance of day spanning July 4th to the 8th, or from Wednesday to Sunday.

SPJA also released their Anime Expo 2017 closing video: