Merry Christmas

Originally I was going to make a post for Thanksgiving telling everyone how grateful I am of them. Clearly, that’s not one of my priorities and I’m lazy so here I am at 3 in the morning on Christmas Day, Pacific Time, typing up a little something.

I’m thankful for:

  • living in #AMERICA, where I do feel safe and at home most of the time
  • having a job that I can manage and helps me fund my obsessions and hobbies
  • living in a safe neighborhood
  • good health
  • and good family and friends

Some of my fondest memories of this year are:

  • Tokyo 2012
    • Forming THE JAPAN FOUR with Hiro and Greg from Selective hearing and Vu, a valuable community member
    • Finally meeting the illustrious Anto ‘Monkeyto’ Nick, who has helped me out so much in the idol fandom
    • Hanging out with Jeff ‘JetReadyGo Jukirin’ To and Des-Law, two prominent members of Nihongogo and overall really cool dudes
    • Meeting Rocky ‘OJS48’ Hui, Jul3, and Pete in Tokyo and talking about Tokyo Dome and our experiences in Japan
    • Meeting up with my boss of a friend, Satoshi and the two Yusukes who all helped me enjoy my stay in Tokyo
  • The Washington D.C. Trip
    • Thanks to Hiro and Boykun for accompanying me last minute to D.C. for AKB48’s 2012 U.S. performance
    • Meeting Yoshi_NSK for the first time. It was as if we had already known each other for ages.
    • Seeing Tron and David again in person and being able to wotablast together.
    • Meeting fans new and old like Kyle ‘Middlein’, Kenneth ‘Missingno15’, Daryl ‘Inspirit’, and Rocky ‘OJS48’
    • Meeting the 3 Nihongogo baddies, Jeff, Des-Law, and Del for the first time
    • Interacting with JPH!P members Ping, Kim, Almond, and Amplifier
  • Wreck-It Ralph
    • All my feels went to the last 30 minutes of this movie
    • AKB48’s Sugar Rush has been really memorable for me
    • AKB48 SoCal Fanclub is a great positive contribution to the community and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity, hospitality, and overall fun attitude that makes them great to be around
  • Meeting up with Dae Lee for Madoka
    • Getting to see my true love Dae Lee again on a day where we just chilled, watched animu movies, and showed AKB media to our friends

In the Idol world, I obviously have to thank:

  • Aki-P and Togasaki for keeping that behemoth of a money-making machine well-oiled
  • Acchan for being a role model to me in some ways, her graduation really made me reflect on some parts of my life and her courage to step forward and pursue her own dreams has inspired me
  • Takamina for being Acchan’s husband and for leading the 48 family I know and love


NSK Community:

  • David Liao
    • For getting me into this mess
  • Aytron ‘Tron’ Travina
    • For doing all he can to promote and maintain the community even with how little spare time he has now
  • Dae Lee
    • For being a great chat buddy and putting in 110% for NSK whether it be new articles, streams, website design, or planning for additional NSK content
  • Ari
    • For reminding me of what NSK is all about and re-motivating me to contribute more to NSK
  • Drako
    • For being a total idol hipster so I never have to be one
  • Yoshi
    • For his undeniable sacrifice for the site, always putting in so much of his time for articles, reviews, video content, streams, and podcasts
  • Garry
    • For his clashing personality, which allowed me to take a step back and view NSK from different perspectives, also for his taskmaster-ing behind the scenes work
  • Chase
    • For his enthusiasm and entertaining late-night shenanigans, also for not spilling the beans on all the chaos inside of NSK 😉
  • Monkey
    • For his on-location reporting where we get to live the idol fan life vicariously through his lenses, and I also can’t thank him enough for all the long chats we’ve had on Skype and whatnot about life, idols, NSK, games, jobs, and anything and everything
  • Malcolm
    • For his desire to contribute to the site and community and his pure enthusiasm in the fandom
  • Kairi
    • For his enthusiasm as well and his spreading of the news, I also think that because of Kairi, NSK is expanding amongst some of the other social circles
  • Kyle
    • For approaching me at D.C. and always being a trooper and playing games with us until early in the morning and chatting about our love of idols
  • Missing
    • For pimping NSK wherever he goes and his contributions to the community like Japanese language lessons and translations done for sub projects
  • Kirito
    • For always sticking around and promoting the NSK name as well, now a moderator for the Google Plus Community, Kirito is also bringing you the news!
  • Haji
    • For playing the games and timely fashion advice
  • Riochyu
    • Also for the games and for being a regular in chat during live broadcasts
  • DJ Amaya
    • For making sweet ass remixes and for becoming a regular in the NSK community
  • Del
    • For being the sage of the community, always the generous one and dishing out new and unexplored content to the uninitiated
  • Deslaw
    • For being the resident troll and regular during broadcasts
  • Inspirit
    • For approaching me at D.C. and being a regular in the NSK community
  • Nyanmaruz
    • For being a long-time regular in the NSK community, I don’t remember the last time you weren’t in chat for a live podcast!


This list is so god damned long now, if I didn’t list you by now, I don’t care about you. JUST KIDDING.

If I forgot you, I’m very sorry! I appreciate all of you and I’m really thankful that I get to see so many of you weekly and others whenever you’re around. I love getting tweets from you guys and interacting with you guys in chat, IRC, etc.

2012 has been a crazy year and it’s coming to a close, but I definitely look forward to 2013 and what it has in store for all of us!

For now, I bid thee farewell and happy holidays!