Visit Selective Hearing’s documentary post to stream the videos.

As one fourth of “The Japan 4”, I invite you to take a look at the documentary videos that Greg made of our trip. I spoke about the trip on a podcast before and I just experienced a great deal of nostalgia from watching these videos. Join me, community member Vu (@vupham), and Hiro and Greg of Selective Hearing on our journey in Tokyo.

Special thanks and shout outs to:
– Anto Nick – NSK Research Student and writer
– Ahmed – Vu’s friend from Osaka (@coollead)
– Des_LAW and Jet Ready Go from nihongogo
– My buddies from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Satoshi, Yusuke Ogura, and Yusuke Furukawa
– Fuji TV

From Greg’s post:

“From August 21 – 31 Selective Hearing & New School Kaidan went to Tokyo to see AKB48 at the Tokyo Dome and to geek out at any place within earshot of idols. This short 30 minute-ish documentary was compiled from hours of footage provided by various sources.

Obviously we couldn’t film or photograph everywhere we went but we did our best to capture the the craziness of the 10 days that we were there. There is a bit of snark in this video (that is the m.o. of Selective Hearing most days.) so don’t get too offended if there are some segments that might contain some content you may not agree with.”