Walking down Little Tokyo Village Plaza is a pretty unique experience

You really do get a taste of Japan with the wooden walls, red brick tiles, festive hanging lanterns, and authentic stores such as Nijiya Market / ニジヤ マーケット market, and a new cosmetics store called Tony Moly.

If you overlook the tourists and occasional troublemakers and go there when it’s not busy, Little Tokyo Village Plaza is actually very nice and peaceful. Did I mention also a cool place for J-fashion and Cosplay photo shoots? Lol…

One store in the fashion world caught our eye… Tony Moly!

It’s right next to the entrance to Fickle Wish and Anime Jungle. A South Korean beauty store called Tony Moly opens it’s doors to the locals of Little Tokyo. Tony Moly is known to create quality and affordable makeup and makeup accessories in adorable fruit and vegetable packages. Tony Moly was established in 2006 and the name means “putting style into packaging”, which we think suits the theme quite well.

Store representative KD Kang says that they are having a three day 20% off sale up until the New Year. So go now and check it out!

There are many stores to visit in the Village Plaza Mall

Which is located right on Second Street and Azusa. There are many different nooks and crannies that appeal to everyone like Anime Jungle for the anime and manga enthusiasts, Cafe Dulce for the caffeine and sweets fanatics, and restaurants that serve food worthy of Japan such as Kagura Tokyo Cuisine.

Take a look for yourself with this 360* cam view from An-Ni Wang

Do you go to the Little Tokyo Village Plaza mall often, and have you discovered a store you never have before?

Why not let us know and share your little secrets of Little Tokyo!