Holy moly, if you’re the realist Re:Zero Rem fan, FIGUREX has created this one off life-sized bishoujo figure of Rem, complete with her cute maid outfit and blue hair.

She stands at an impressive 149.0 cm or 58 inches for you imperial folk. She even comes with, what looks to be, her signature flail.

Those brave enough to reach the final form of otaku can grab one of these figurines statues from December 24th to February 2nd from ameblo.jp (link at the bottom).


Photo Courtesy of FIGUREX and the only image of the statue so far. Although the captions say that it is a sample and the actual product may vary.

And if you’re wondering how much lighter your wallet will be when you buy one, well… you would have to dish out ¥1,480,000 ($12,500)..

Not the actual photo of the statue, but probably close enough in dimensions to matter.

Not the actual photo of the statue, but the dimensions are close enough to matter. Also probably more expensive than the statue.

Get your life-size Rem today for the cost of a Toyota Yaris! (well almost): http://ameblo.jp/figurex/entry-12230053875.html