Event News

Event News

ANIME Impulse 2017

ANIME IMPULSE is the exciting new project fusing the world of Anime and Video Games. The event will highlight appearances from celebrities, special guests, eSports, panels, cosplay, VIP parties, vendors, artist alleys, delicious food, treats, and the cutest (kawaii)...

Kospre Presents a Merikuri Holiday Party On Dec 3rd

Kospre announced their cosplay guests at their upcoming event, “Merikuri Holiday Party” on December 3rd! Check out their YouTube video where they share the guest names and also a few perks for going to the event, such as their Kospre 2017 Calendar. The event is in West Hollywood and is $7 for all ages! Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi @kawaiikakkoiisugoi will also be present for media coverage.

KTOWN Night Market has the sweetest swag bag for VIP members

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 18th, 2016 - KTOWN Night Market is under full swing and Dokipress was granted access to the exclusive VIP area where VIP ticket purchasers, influencers, and industry guests were provided with sweet swag, free drinks, and a place to enjoy the...