Waiting as early as 5 in the morning, fans from near and as far as Japan eagerly lined up in the blazing heat to see Silent Siren perform at the Musician’s Institute for the first time in LA, as part of their first world tour, dubbed the “S World Tour,” on September 30th. The reward for their patience? An amazing and high energy performance they wouldn’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Silent Siren (Also known as SaiSai) is one of Japan’s most popular all-female bands. The group is composed of four members, Sumire Yoshida (Suu) on lead guitar and vocals, Hinako Umemura (Hinanchu) on drums, Aina Yamauchi (Ainyan) on bass, and Yukako Kurosaka (Yukarun) on keyboard. Silent Siren was originally formed in 2010, making their debut in 2012 with mini-album “SaiSai.” The group has since, gained popularity all around the world, capturing the hearts of fans with their high energy music. The group made their first US debut earlier this year in San Francisco, some of the Dokipress team and friends were able to see them perform so we were definitely excited to see Silent Siren perform again.

Driving through treacherous LA traffic, we arrived at the venue hours ahead of 7pm, when doors were to open. Despite there being hours before the venue opened and the blazing hot sun above, fans were all gathered, huddling in the sparse shade available. Intermingling with the crowd, we were pleased to see fans from as far as Japan and surprised to see a banner and a flag that fans were signing, which were to be presented to the members later. Hours of roasting later, the doors were opened at 7pm sharp and fans quickly formed a line that stretched down the street and shuffled in as quickly as they could, swarming the merchandise table and claiming a stake as close to the stage as they could. As the clock ticked down, the lights dimmed, and the fans impatiently waited, excited to see the performance they had been waiting so long for.

Silent Sirens fans roar as they appear on-stage.

Silent Sirens fans roar as they appear on-stage.

The instant the members put their hands on their instruments, the audience erupted in a loud cheer as Silent Siren began to perform songs featured in their latest album “S,” such as “Happy Marry” and “Alarm.” The energy of the crowd could definitely be felt as they jumped out of their seats, which I also did as I avoided the jumping and dancing feet as I scurried about taking photos. One high energy song was followed by another, the concert took a change of pace as they performed “Secret Base,” ending song to popular tear-jerking anime, “Anohana.” The audience, hands raised high, swayed in unison to the song, singing along with a few tears shed.


The mood began to pick up again as the members swapped out their instruments for LED glasses and Suu, Hinanchu, and Ainyan danced in tune to the rhythm as Yukarun went from keyboardist to DJ, playing remixs of various SaiSai songs. The members had some fun, asking the audience which other groups or songs they liked, performing some of them such as the currently trending PPAP, much to the amusement of everyone. Fans joined in the on the fun too, not losing out to Suu, Hinanchu, and Ainyan on stage, showing off their best dance moves. As the members were just about to go offstage, fans rushed forward and presented to them the flag that they had all signed earlier in the day, much to the surprise of the members, who gladly accepted. With the members off stage, the audience came together for an encore, beginning a chant of “SaiSai” which picked up in speed an energy with every passing second. As the chant reached its peak, the members ran back on stage and the crowd roared its approval, as Silent Siren closed off the night with crowd favorites such as “Guru Guru Wonderland” and “Cherry Bomb.” As the lights came back on and the audience began to thin out, VIP attendees stayed behind for a meet and greet photo session with the members. As I watched people leave, everyone had on a smile, and who wouldn’t after such an amazing show?

As a Silent Siren fan myself, I can’t help but say that the show was incredible! Their setlist for the night was very well planned, having picked many songs that can be seen on their Youtube channel, ones that US-based fans, new and old alike, would be familiar with and would be able to follow along with. The mix of upbeat and mellow songs was also coordinated well, as soon as a mellow song finished, the energy would pick back up immediately, changing up the mood exactly when it was needed. It was nice and really adorable to see the members interact with the fans, trying their best to speak in English and always hyping up the audience during the songs. All in all, it was a fantastic concert, done in the typical cute yet powerful style that fans have come to expect of Silent Siren. All the best for the rest of their world tour!

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