Travel fashion is so hot right now.

Ironically because… well travelling can suck… It’s mainly due to the long hours, delays, and times sitting down doing nothing. If you’ve ever flown to Japan during peak season, there’s virtually no one with a smile walking around.

So what’s with this new suitcase trend that we’ve been hearing as of late?

We stumbled onto this Kickstarter where Fravel is developing a strange cat-eared contraption that fills in that lonely void in your life when you’re sitting in Section 3 at the LAX airport.

But we also think this can be a fantastic fashion accessory for when you need to go out to events and conventions. Imagine… You have your favorite cosplay ready to go, but you don’t want to store it in a typical ugly black luggage case do you? Your outfits deserve more than that, so you pack it away in fashion in what looks to be the insides of a piggy-bunny thing. Not only would con-goers be amazed by your incredible sowing skills, but also your attention to detail in even transporting your outfit.

Does your cute Love Live cosplay deserve to be in the first or second suitcase?

Speaking of Anime Conventions…

Fravel will display these cute critter cases at Anime Expo 2017, which you can be invited to if you e-mail, so you can check them out before deciding if you want them.

Well, I’m a broke cosplayer, how much is it…

As of this writing, there have been 26 backers for the $169.00 Super-early Bird pledge.

The base Kickstarter pledge is $169.00 for a “Fravel Macaroon” which is what they call these cases (named after the french cookie).

The cost is on the higher side, but it’s not terribly expensive considering your typical travel case cost around $100.00.

And the ones from Amazon below are pretty ugly.

? What we like

  • Super cute and unique style, definitely a J-fashion eye turner
  • Power and USB ports for charging my phone! ?
  • The perfect companion to your cosplay kit

? What we don’t like

  • Another thing to charge…
  • Looks pretty fragile, and with it’s good looks, I’d be afraid to use it as an actual luggage case.
  • Only the more baller J-fashionistas would be able to afford this!
  • Lets be real here, it is on the smaller size.

Apparently it wiggles it’s ears when you pet it lol…

So what do you think?

Over-engineered piggy cat-ear luggage case, or something that will make you stand out from the crowd? We’d personally wait until Fravel displays them at Anime Expo 2017 before making our ultimate say, but for now, we can all agree it’s unique and “totes” kawaii!

Check out the Kickstarter video here: