Fickle Wish: “Everyone needs a little bit of kawaii” Now kawaii fashion just a trip to Little Tokyo!

Street fashion, photos, music, snacks, and freebies, Fickle Wish’s Audra gives us a tour of this incredibly kawaii store while showing off her fun fashion at Fickle Wish’s opening party!

Fickle Wish is a new J-fashion store owned and managed by Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle, your neighborhood anime and other Japanese fan goods retail store! Carrying both indie Japanese artisan goods and known fashion brands such as Galaxxxxy, ACDC RAG, and Swimmer, Fickle Wish is your stop to being kawaii and fun! Expect to see regular events and zines organized by the shop girls!
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About Fickle Wish:
Fickle Wish is a neophyte in the kawaii fashion scene, owned and managed by Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle. Jungle is no stranger supplying LA with Japanese fan goods, however it is their first time taking a plunge into the J­fashion abyss. “We want to focus on carrying Japanese apparel that local fans covet. The biggest features are the collections by indie designers which are almost impossible to buy in America, while also carrying a few large scale brands such as, Galaxxxy, ACDC RAG, and Swimmer,” says Jungle and Fickle Wish’s general manager Yoichi Kakuma. FiWi’s mission is to establish itself as an “epicenter of kawaii” in Los Angeles while simultaneously supporting very small Japanese indie brands and artisans that would not otherwise have a platform to display their wares overseas. By having regular events, and carrying their own zine (which is completely created and managed by their shop­girls *and others), Fickle Wish hopes to contribute to the veteran J­fashion community, while welcoming freshblood. To learn more, visit FiWi’s facebook page:­Wish­1752058165034915/?fref=ts