While on the Harajuku streets one evening, we spotted Jill, whose red-and-black traditional meets gothic style easily caught our eye.

Jill’s ensemble features vintage pieces, such as a black kimono coat with a floral pattern, worn over a long red dress with a similar floral pattern and layered with a sheer black ruffled skirt underneath. She cinched her waist with a black obi belt with a beaded clasp decorated with a black bow and silver heart. She also styled her dress with a sheer black lace shawl with fringes tied asymmetrically across her waist. She wore black lace tattoo stockings, slipped into a pair of black ankle wrap platform shoes, and carried a black round patent leather handbag with contrast stitching and pentagram design from Kill Star. Jill finished off her style with a black lace veil headdress with beaded embellishments and black lace gloves with ruffles.

Jill is active on Twitter, where you can follow her!

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