Nougami is a Japanese tattoo model we met on Cat Street in Harajuku after dark.

In addition to her pink hairstyle and tattoos, Nougami is wearing a Jouetie faux leather dress with a Nyulycadelic choker over her neck tattoo, piercings and body mod, Gucci accessories, RNA accessories, and spiked Dr. Martens boots.

Nougami told us that her favorite fashion brands include Adidas Originals and Gucci. She likes the music of the Japanese visual kei band Lynch. Follow Nougami on Instagram and Twitter for more of her personal street style.

Japanese Tattoo Model in Harajuku
Jouetie Faux Leather Dress
Harajuku Street Style With Gucci & RNA
Faux Leather Dress in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan
Harajuku Girl w/ Tattoos and Pink Hair
Cat Street in Harajuku Fashion Snap Photo
Neck Tattoo & Choker in Harajuku
Harajuku Girl in Fuzzy Hat
Japanese Girl with Neck Tattoo
Japanese Hand Tattoos
Hand Tattoos In Japan
Dr. Martens Spiked Boots
Spiked Dr. Martens Boots in Japan

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