Kiyouki Amano impressed us last year with his Hikaru Skirt, which used LEDs to light up the wearer’s zettai ryoiki (absolute territory), which refers to the amount of skin visible between the bottom of a skirt and the top of a thigh-high sock. This time he’s back with a new project called Arm Skirt!

Arm Skirt

Arm Skirt features robotic arms that can be remote-controlled to handle simple tasks such as holding your cellphone or a water bottle. Unfortunately, the movements are preprogrammed and there are currently no plans to mass produce the Arm Skirt. However, it looks like a hilarious and strange concept and Amano’s work with Amauchi Industries and bloommakeLab is a hopeful sign of new things to come. Kiyouki Amano is the creative director of Kayac, a “fun-loving” technology company.

Watch a video demonstration below of the arm articulating!

Source: Arm Skirt Instagram