November 14th, 2016 – LOS ANGELES, CA With Pacific Media Expo 2016 just coming to a close this past weekend, the Japanese street and Lolita fashion excitement is still strong on everyone’s mind. Thankfully, Dokipress was given a sneak peek segment of The Doll Life‘s upcoming season 2’s premiere featuring the Dolldelight team and Cyril Lumboy from Myx, TV!

“The Doll Life”, by Myx TV, is a reality TV show based on the joys and hardships of team management, artisan crafting, and Japanese fashion by creator and designer Cyril. Their first season (which you can check out here) shows Dolldelight’s adventures in the convention and fashion scene throughout the West Coast.

In the sneak peek, Dolldelight designer Cyril discusses the challenges and issues facing the technicalities of the style she designs. The Dolldelight crew come together to talk about their online experiences of hateful comments and reflect on why they chose to simply call it “Dolly Style”.

“There has been an increase of hateful comments we get online.” and “…I want everyone to come together to talk about it as a support group.” Cyril says in the sneak peek video of the Season 2 premiere.

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