It’s that exciting time of the year when our favorite shops release Fukubukuro lucky bags to start off the the New Year for J-fashion enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. Luckily for me, today was the Swankiss Fukukuburo bag!

I don’t know what a Fukukuburo is?

Lol. It is a mouthful, but it’s not fuku-ku-buro, it’s fuku-buku-ro or you can also call it lucky bags. For our friends that are curious, Fukubukuro or lucky bags are themed bags or special sets released by shops on New Year’s Day and it’s filled with all sorts of random and different items from last year’s back and over stock. The bags are usually sold 50% off and has items that double the price of the bag itself. Yup! That’s a pretty good steal. This must be the reason why lucky bags are pretty popular and sell out pretty quickly. Also, this is not exclusive to fashion stores only. Many other stores such as konbinis (convenience stores) do this as well. 😉

SwanKiss 2017 Angel Bag

Swankiss Fukubukuro Contents Swankiss Fukubukuro Contents

The Official 2017 Angel  Bag from SwanKiss was made available by Tokyo Otaku Mode for us cuties that aren’t able to get in line at the Shibuya 109 shop in Japan. SwanKiss is popular for their sweet, feminine, and romantic style that can also be categorized into Larme-kei fashion. The 2017 Angel Bag comes in two colors: white or pink, and each bag contains approximately a total value of $400 worth of items that you can coordinate and mix and match. Most of the items in the bag was from the 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection and one of the guaranteed items in the SwanKiss bag is winter coat (shown in the photos).


  • Pink Winter Coat – this comes in every bag. The coat is very thick and has tiny heart pockets. It can keep you warm without the cost of style.
  • Black One Piece – I really love this one piece not because it’s black, but the fabric is very high quality. It has a sweetheart neckline with frills on the heart and on the hems. It’s also very comfortable and the straps are adjustable.
  • Lace and Satin Top – I love the lace part of this dress, but not the satin part. Lol.
  • Pink Turtleneck Knit Top – This has to be my favorite out of all the items in the bag. This is an oversized knit sweater and I love wearing oversized sweaters. Aside from it being oversized, I really love the ribbons on the sleeves. They’re very kawaii~
  • Floral Gaucho Pants – The pants are very comfortable and they’re wide legged. Wide legged pants are very trendy right now and you can wear these in the spring as well.

Swankiss Fukubukuro ContentsSwankiss Fukubukuro Contents

Swankiss Fukubukuro ContentsSwankiss Fukubukuro Contents

Swankiss Fukubukuro ContentsSwankiss Fukubukuro Contents

All the items in the bag were so cute and I can’t wait to wear it out.

I’m glad that I got this Fukubukuro and now I wish I got more bags from my other favorite fashion stores. Oh well… I can start saving up for next year and hoard all the lucky bags. Did you get any lucky bags this year? What were your favorites from this SwanKiss lucky bag? Let us know in the comments~