Ladybeard and Reika Saiki Join forces

Being a competitive powerlifter myself, I’m no stranger to the deadlift and its apparent that neither are the two members of the newly formed idol group, Deadlift Lolita. Formed by Ladybeard a cross dressing pro-wrestler and performer, and Reika Saiki, a model, women’s pro-wrestler, and self proclaimed muscle idol. The duo are set to release their debut single, March 31st of this year. The announcement was made on Reika Saiki’s twitter which revealed the formation of the group.

Former Iconic Member of Ladybaby

Originally a member of the idol group, Ladybaby along with members Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya, Ladybeard gained worldwide attention after their debut music video “Nippon Manju” went viral in 2015. However he later withdrew from the group in August of 2016, with the two other members continuing under the rebranded name “The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY”.  Saiki herself also is no stranger to the internet spotlight, going viral last year when pictures surfaced of her modeling with Cheer♡1, a mascot/modeling group aimed towards promoting Japanese pro-wrestling league, Wrestle-1. Citizens of the internet were quick to point out Saiki who was noticeably more muscular than her peers.

Ladybeard pictured in middle: A former iconic member of Ladybaby.

Deadlift Lolita: Kawaiicore

Kawaiicore, the label given to the genre of music fusing Japanese idol pop with heavy metal first came into the mainstream conscience with now Japanese music legends, Babymetal, though Deadlift Lolita likely won’t be slouches neither, if Ladybeards tenure with Ladybaby was any indicator. For those who can’t wait until March 31st to find out the duo promises to release several previews on their official website leading up to the release date.

Check them out on social and their website:

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