In addition to two new members added to the j-pop idol group drop, a major debut has been decided! The 5 members of drop will be releasing their major debut single “Hoshi no Nai Yoru Daraka/ Kaette Oide” on August 16.

The music video of “Hoshi no Nai Yoru Dakara” has been released and showcases the members in simple, white dresses, something different from their usual colorful outfits. Also different from drop’s usual image is the slower tempo song. Usually, drop will be seen performing very flashy, colorful, energetic songs, but don’t let that make you think they cannot perform ballads or be in simple clothing! Check their music video out for some simplistic beauty and loving vocals!


drop is an idol group under collet promotion inc. and are also part of the Twin Tail Association to promote love for kawaii culture and twin tails.  They have participated in the annual Tokyo Idol Festival, a j-pop idol festival bringing in more than 100 idol acts every year, since 2015. You can catch drop constantly having live streams, concerts, and events so keep updated with them!

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