Beppin San is a short series morning drama (also referred to as asadora in Japan) coming this fall to NHK Osaka, starting October 3rd of this year.  The series will star Kyoko Yoshine as well as feature popular idol group, Momoiro Clover Z’s (or Momoclo for short) Kanako Momota making her solo acting debut as the main character’s classmate.


Kanko Momota of Momoiro Clover Z

While this will be her first appearance as a solo actress outside of Momoclo, she has appeared previously in a film titled Maku ga Aru featuring all the members of the group. Released February 28th of  2015, Momota was able to recieve notable attention for her acting abilities, allowing her to procure her first acting job outside of the group. With other supporting actresses in morning dramas rising into fame as of late, this may be a very good opportunity for Momota to make a place for herself in the acting world.

Known for their high energy live performances, Momoclo has also been featured on the themes for various anime series including, PokemonSailor Moon Crystal, and Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection F. Most notably the group received much attention in the west when they became the first group to collaborate on a CD release with rock icons, KISS for the single “Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina” which features a beautiful music video featuring animation directed by Sushio, the animation director behind titles like Kill la Kill, and Gurren Lagann. The video currently boasts over 3.3 million views on YouTube, making it their second most popular video after Moon Pride, their opening for Sailor Moon Crystal with more than 10 million views.


The story of Beppin San centers around young women starting a children’s apparel company during the turbulent times of post-war Japan. Momota plays Ryouko Tada, one of Sumire Bandou’s (Yoshine) classmates and member of their school’s Handicraft Club. Ryouko is said to be a happy go-lucky girl and the “mood-maker” for the other girls in the series, much like Momota’s real life character and demeanor with Momoclo.

Source: Oricon Style