As we’ve reported previously, popular rock band Mr.Children will be releasing their 20th original album “SOUNDTRACKS” on December 2nd. Now that this date has drawn closer, the group have chosen to publish a live performance of its second track “Brand new planet” to their YouTube channel.

The clip is taken from the documentary – entitled “MINE” – included with the record’s Limited Edition and features an emotive rendition of the mid-tempo number. Of note, “Brand new planet” is currently serving as the theme song for FujiTV drama “Nee-chan no Koibito”.

Read on below to find this live PV, as well as the cover and complete track list for “SOUNDTRACKS”.

-‘SOUNDTRACKS’ Track List-

  • CD (Total Runtime: 45:14)
  2. Brand new planet
  3. turn over?
  4. Kimi to Kasaneta Monologue
  5. losstime
  6. Documentary film
  7. Birthday
  8. others
  9. The song of praise
  10. memories
  • DVD/Blu-ray (Limited Editions A & B Only)
  1. “MINE” LIVE & Documentary of SOUNDTRACKS (incl. live performances of “DANCING SHOES”, “Brand new planet”, “Documentary film”, and “others”)

(via natalie)