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When the 64th Japan Record Award nominees were announced, many were shocked at AKB48 being dropped from the list, breaking their 12 consecutive year streak.

I deeply apologize to the many people who support and continue to cheer for us. I am filled with regret not just for causing such bad things to happen, but also for breaking this long standing streak.

Mukaichi Mion, Twitter

Because I know just how many people support us and continue to follow us I am frustrated and filled with regret that we were not able to live up to their expectations. I feel nothing but regret and frustration.

I deeply apologize that it was our generation that broke this achievement.

We will continue to do our hardest without forgetting to be grateful everyday, so please continue to watch over us.

Okada Nana, Twitter

Many fans, however, were quick to point out that it wasn’t the members’ fault, and that they had nothing to do with not being nominated.

Yahoo JP commenters were similarly sympathetic:

To be frank, while I could recognize names and faces during the Kami 7 era, I don’t know anyone now. With all due respect this is the first time I’m even hearing of Mukaichi. Even now its hard to tell what some of the former Kami 7 members are doing now. Yet, despite not knowing any of the songs after 365Nichi no Kamihikouki and being dropped from Kouhaku Uta Gassen for years, they still managed to be nominated for the awards until last year, and I’m still left thinking whether or not they were dropped from the awards too soon. I also think that it is likely this will happen to not just AKB48 but other groups that were derived from them as well, like Nogizaka46.

Yahoo commenter Sie**

Honestly the fact that they were nominated for so many years in a row is itself an amazing achievement, and the fact that they were dropped this year doesn’t belittle that accomplishment.

To be honest personally I think the 48 groups and Sakamichi should band together, but I get that it would be difficult in light of the fact that they’re owned by different companies. Even if its just AKB48, let’s do our best.

Yahoo commenter Mania of Mania

Source: Sponichi Annex, Yahoo Japan Comments