There’s a lot riding on the line when creating the theme for the world’s biggest break dance competition, the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

With this year’s World Finals taking place in Nagoya, Japan’s very own Daichi Miura steps up to create the theme. Miura’s “(RE)PLAY” manages to blow those expectations out of the water, assembling some of the world’s best dancers together into one music video.

Daichi has collaborated with top dancers before, collaborating with s**t kingz, PURI and Shingo Okamoto in various music videos and live performances. If that wasn’t enough Daichi gathered even more of the world’s top dancers to join them, bringing together 14 of the worlds top dancers.

They’re joined by some of Japan’s best dancers, including Japan’s number one breakdancer, TAISUKE, world champion popper, GUCCHON, Hilty & Bosch, a lock dance unit with over 25 million views, and GO GO BROTHERS, a Japanese lock unit and brother pair who have gone on to win several world competitions.

The Japanese dancers are also joined by Mr. Wiggles, a legend in street dance scene, along side team member YNOT from the premier dance team, “Rock Steady Crew.” Together the 14 dancers along side Miura give homage to break dance in a fun and stylish way in “(RE)PLAY.”

While dance videos are nothing new, “(RE)PLAY” manages to keep viewers excited not just by featuring the different dancers but showcasing different dance styles through out the video ranging from pop and lock to hip-hop. Miura is no slouch on the dance floor either as he jumps from different styles and manages to keep up the high level of performances all through out.

The video hits a climax at the end when all 14 dancers are featured performing together as well as doing solos all to the last chorus. With so much going on in the scene, the video ends with the same shot as the very beginning, encouraging viewers to watch the video again to try to catch everything going on.

“I was able to find a new extension of myself and my talents so I enjoyed a sense of accomplishment after the shooting,” said Miura after the music video shoot.

“Everything is a highlight” is certainly a fitting lyrics as there is so much to take in this video that it definitely warrants several “(RE)PLAYS.”

Daichi Miura(RE)PLAY -Music Video-(YouTube)

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