Last week website Smajyo held a very anticipated election, and results have finally been revealed for the 2018 “Sexy Johnny’s General Election“.

Voting for the election was held from December 13th to December 17th, a massive 24,682 votes were received! Duplicate votes were not permitted, participants were only allowed to vote for 1 person.

98% of the voters were female, and only 2% were male. 22% were minors, 26% were in their 20s, 19% were in their 30s, 13% were in their 50s, and 3% were 60 or over.

Did your favorite make the cut? Find out the top 20 below!

The number in brackets indicates the amount of votes they received.

20) Sho Sakurai – Arashi (130)
19) Nagase Tomoya – TOKIO (131)
18) Ren Nagase – KING & PRINCE (156)
17) Yuta Tamamori – Kis-My-Ft2 (196)
16) Hiromitsu Kitayama – Kis-My-Ft2 (214)
15) Takahisa Masuda – NEWS (290)
14) Shori Sato – SEXY ZONE (304)
13) Taisuke Fujigaya – Kis-My-Ft2 (485)
12) Kei Inoo – Hey! Say! JUMP – (508)
11) Tatsuya Ueda – KAT-TUN (545)
10) Koichi Domoto – KinKi Kids – (617)
9) Satoshi Ohno – Arashi (663)
8) Fuma Kikuchi – SEXY ZONE (803)
7) Sho Hirano – KING & PRINCE (1060)
6) Hokuto Matsumura – SixTONES (1134)

5) Ryosuke Yamada – Hey! Say! JUMP (1288)
– “He has a different aura from other Johnny’s of his era. Very neat and noble”
– “His face, voice, and dancing are all sexy. Especially how he swings his wasit!! A fantasy!!!”

4) Tsuyoshi Domoto – KinKi Kids (1516)
– “His facial expressions are very sexy, along with his singing and guitar skills. As he grows older his sexiness increases”
– “When I was younger I always thought he was just cool, but I feel like he’s become awfully sexy recently”

3) Tomohisa Yamashita (2789)
– “The sexiest Johnny Mountain P!!!
– “Mountain P is quite popular overseas. Many people from China came to see his concert, I will support you forever!”
– “His lovely voice, and trained abdominal/pectoral muscles. On the stage he is very sexy”.

2) Kento Nakajima – SEXY ZONE (5322)
– “I think he understands the meaning of the word sexy. I think even the other members will say he is the most sexy!”
– “He’s amazing, sexy prince Kento-kun.”
– “He has the mysterious power that no one else has. The most sexy Johnny’s and he really is a prince!”

1) Kazuya Kamenashi – KAT-TUN (5349)
– “Kazuya Kamenashi is a Johnny’s sex symbol. This is Kazuya Kamenashi! This is a sex symbol!!”
– “His existence itself is just sexy”
– “As Kamenashi continues to grow his sexiness gets even bigger. It’s really fascinating.”

Do you agree with the results?


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