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The fourth new release in as many months from Japanese-Chinese boyband WARPs UP, ‘SUPERNOVA’, now has a brand new lyric video. The video, which includes the full-length version of the song, was released today (March 3) on the group’s official YouTube account.

WARPs UP ‘SUPERNOVA’ (Lyric Video -Full Size-)

A special “limited edition” short video featuring part of the song was previously released on YouTube on February 25, attracting fan comments such as “It’s too short to show off their talent”, “I can’t wait for the full version” and “I’m losing my mind at how cool these lyrics are”. 

WARPs UP ‘SUPERNOVA’ (MUSIC VIDEO – limited edition – )

‘SUPERNOVA’ is currently available on streaming subscription services exclusively in China, and it has become such a hot track that it has taken the No.1 spot on the weekly J-pop chart on China’s NetEase Cloud Music platform.

Two of WARPs UP’s members, RIKIMARU and SANTA, are currently appearing on the hugely popular audition show ‘CHUANG2021’ in China. RIKIMARU is also a choreographer who has created dance routines for many famous artists, while SANTA is a top-tier world-champion title-holding dancer who has won some of the world’s biggest dance battle contests.

Their overwhelmingly impressive world-class dance performances on the show have quickly become a hot topic in China and beyond, with extraordinary results – already they have ranked at No.3 in the overall trend chart on China’s top social platform Weibo, while also having multiple hashtags charting at the same time.

Check out videos by WARPs UP on YouTube for a taste of their fierce dance technique and vocal ability, and see for yourself why fans around the world are waking up to WARPs UP.

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