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The official website for the Cocktail Prince project announced on Thursday that the smartphone game will end service on July 24. Leading up to the end of service, the game will continue to add story and other in-game content.

The project features cocktail drinks anthropomorphized as attractive male characters. The characters include Dirty Mother, Bellini, Long Island Iced Tea, Gimlet, Manhattan, Screwdriver, and other alcoholic drinks personified as young men. The story centers on a woman who is suddenly responsible for rekindling the popularity of her grandfather’s bar in only one year. Fortunately, these fine young gentlemen are around to help stoke the embers.

The project debuted with a manga, collaboration café, and merchandise in December 2015. The app game launched on July 24, 2017. As of Thursday, Crystals are no longer available for purchase, and players will be able to receive refunds for unused Crystals from July 25 to September 28. After game service ends exactly one year after it began, the project’s official website will close on December 12.

Source: Cocktail Prince Website via Nijimen