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Rohto Pharmaceuticals took a unique approach to promote its skin care line. The company created a series of mini-movie ads following two high school students played by actor Ryō Ryūsei (Ouran High School Host Club ) and entertainer Yuriyan Retriever. The first ad sees the pair hit it off, but Yuriyan thinks she’s been rejected when she sees Ryo with another girl. She comforts herself while applying Rohto’s skincare serum.

In the second ad, Ryo sees another guy dusting chalk out of Yuriyan’s hair, like he did in the previous ad. When he approaches her and attempts to touch her, she blocks him. Will they work out their misunderstanding?

Fortunately for Ryo and Yuriyan, the answer is yes. The pair agree to go on a date but both get caught up in their imaginations. Rohto Pharmaceuticals brought in HoneyWorks for the artwork to accompany the dreamy date scenes. The ad features a song by the LIP×LIP unit (voice actors Kouki Uchiyama and Nobunaga Shimazaki).

HoneyWorks are the creators of “Confess Your Love Committee: Romance Series” which includes the I’ve Always Liked You and The Moment You Fall in Love films and the Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart. television series. They also worked on theme songs for Brothers Conflict, Tokyo Ravens, Blue Spring Ride, and After the Rain television anime.

The official website for the Rohto campaign includes behind the scenes videos and two dance lessons, additional sketches from HoneyWorks, and autographed artwork by LIP×LIP. The site is offering additional skincare products featuring HoneyWorks artwork as part of a Twitter campaign.

[Via Nijimen]