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Move over Uma Musume, Popuko and Pipimi are here to take over the race track in a new collaboration with the Japan Racing Association (JRA). The Pop Team Epic Kinen website launched on Thursday and allows visitors to design their own Popuko or Pipimi to fill the bleachers.

The characters are added to the official website’s start screen, and there are over 75,000 characters so far. The site also says that something special will happen if it reaches over one million spectators.

After flipping through the options, here’s the character I came up with.

The website is also offering an original t-shirt design.

JRA has collaborated with anime series in the past, including Fist of the North Star, Kemono Friends, Mr. Osomatsu, Attack on Titan, and Kingdom.

Show off your Pop Team Epic racing characters in the forums!

Source: Comic Natalie