You know that condescending “ohoho” laugh that pretentious or aristocratic female anime characters often use when they’re full of themselves or looking down on others’ foolish behavior? It’s called the “noblewoman’s laugh.” The ohohojousama YouTube channel has been compiling clips of anime women saying “ohoho” for five years. The channel has a wide variety of brief anime clips, which are mostly under 10 seconds in length, and all of the videos are titled “ohoho.”

Here are a few example “ohohos” from Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, K-ON!, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Kill la Kill:

The YouTube channel’s description is just a long string of “ohohos,” and the location is listed as the United States. The channel reached 20,000 subscribers on Wednesday. For those who want even more haughty laughing action, the channel also has a Twitter account.

[Via Nijipoi]