We spotted students Sara and Yamato in their impressive winter street fashion while out and about in Harajuku.

On the right is 20-year-old Yamato in a bright red maxi coat from Burberry. He wore it over a black ribbed turtleneck and a vintage Florida maroon velvet top with floral print. They were cinched at the waist with a black grommet belt and worn with Emoda pants and Yosuke black boots with block heels. His accessories – most of which are from Saad – include dangling earrings, sunglasses with gold frames and red tinted lenses, a chain necklace with a pendant, a large wristwatch, beaded bracelets, and several chunky silver rings. Purple bangs on his cropped black hair added a flourish to his look. Yamato’s favorites include shopping at Florida, Y-3, and Burberry and listening to music from Little Glee Monster, Joan Jett, and Elle King. For more on Yamato, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Sara donned a vintage gray trench coat worn over a black top and a vintage white button-down shirt. She styled them with a handmade black corset, handmade loose pants, and Bubbles black platform shoes. Brown hair and a Comme des Garçons bag completed her look. Sara gets her style inspiration from O.Well.Kitakoshigaya, and she posts social media updates on Instagram.

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