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Back in 2011 Every Little Thing member Ichiro Ito made headlines for marrying a non-celebrity woman under the age of 18, which in turn resulted in a substantial amount of negative attention from both the media and public. The following year the two welcomed a baby boy, by then Ito did a good enough job keeping a low profile and the relationship was pretty much forgotten by the media.

After their marriage on Christmas Eve in 2011, ELT went on a short break not releasing any new material until 2013.

According to anonymous sources fractures in the couples relationship began to escalate roughly two years ago. After discussing the situation the two decided to officially end their marriage in the spring of 2021.

ELT’s agency refused to comment on the divorce, simply saying that they do not speak on the private lives of their talent.

The discord between Ito and his wife is rumored to have gotten quite bad, recently Ito has appeared to be very thin which is said to be a result of their troubled relationship. Their son currently lives with Ito, and it’s been said that Ito wants primary custody.

ELT made their debut in 1996 with “Feel My Heart” and quickly went on to become one of avex trax’s top new talent. Their debut album “Everlasting” sold over 1.9 million copies. Ito is currently mainly active on his YouTube channel which has over 100k subscribers.

(via yahoo / postseven)